About us

QUeen Milling, is a unique, family owned specialty flour mill in Ontario, Canada providing healthy gluten free and allergen free choices.

Our journey started in 2005 in the gluten free market supplying manufacturers in the baking and blending industry.  

We support businesses and individuals who require the highest quality and most reliable gluten-free flour products available. For example, a 1 Kg fine all purpose flour blend using 100% recyclable, compostable, sustainable paper packaging was developed for the retail market.

Our services include custom milling, blending and co-packing. We currently supply rice flour products to retail customers and food manufacturers.


  • Respect

    Respect Yourself First

    100% Gluten and Allergen free.

    Safe and reliable products made in a dedicated gluten free facility that does not handle priority allergens.

  • Creativity

    Alternatives in Solving Problems

    Taking a global approach, stimulating a sustainable impact for consumers and the entire planet. Our 1 kg paper package is 100% recyclable, compostible, sustainable.

  • Health conscious

    Better Habits and Improved Health

    True to our mission, each product is made with ultimate care. This committment maintains the integrity and quality on which our business continues to evolve.