About us

Step into QUeen Milling's gluten-free flour wonderland, a family business, developed in Southern, Ontario in 2005, where we whip up top-notch, scrumptious gluten-free flours for all your baking escapades.  Our team handpicks the finest gluten-free ingredients to craft a lineup of flours, ensuring your baking delights are worry-free.

In our gluten-free paradise, we get you! Whether you're gluten sensitive, have celiac disease, or just prefer a gluten-free lifestyle, we've got the flour magic you need.  From versatile gluten-free flour to tailor-made blends for special recipes, there's a flour fairy tale for all.

Our cutting-edge milling practices guarantees top-tier gluten-free flours, adding a dash of perfection to your baked treasures.  We go the extra mile to keep our flour kingdom gluten-free, so you can bake without a care in the world.

Whether it's baking cakes, cookies, bread or treats, count on our gluten-free flour paradise for the crème de la crème of gluten-free flours. Let's whip up some delicious, gluten-free magic that'll have everyone reaching for more!

Our services include custom milling, blending and co-packing for food manufactures and retailers. Our 1 kg paper packaging developed for the retail market is 100% recyclable, compostable, sustainable.


  • Respect

    Respect Yourself First

    100% Gluten and Allergen free.

    Safe and reliable products made in a dedicated gluten free facility that does not handle priority allergens.

  • Creativity

    Alternatives in Solving Problems

    Taking a global approach, stimulating a sustainable impact for consumers and the entire planet. Our 1 kg paper package is 100% recyclable, compostible, sustainable.

  • Health conscious

    Better Habits and Improved Health

    True to our mission, each product is made with ultimate care. This committment maintains the integrity and quality on which our business continues to evolve.